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Welcome to Plant Rx! Founded by me, Heike Sauerland. I believe in harnessing the incredible power of plants to transform your health and well-being. My plant-powered nutrition counseling is designed to unlock your full potential and help you thrive in all areas of life.

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With my one-on-one plant-based nutrition counseling sessions, I provide personalized guidance that will be tailored to your specific needs. Together, we will create a customized nutrition plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals, leading to ultimate success.

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I am passionate about empowering you to take charge of your health through the incredible power of plant-based nutrition. Each counseling session not only equips you with invaluable knowledge but also inspires and motivates you to make positive changes that last a lifetime.

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If you’re ready to tap into your true potential and achieve peak performance naturally, schedule a free consultation today. Let me guide you on the transformative journey of plant-powered nutrition.

Hi! I’m Heike

My passion is helping people learn about, and implement the power of plant-based eating in their own lives! As an avid surfer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as Yoga practitioner the focus in my own life has always been optimal health and energy. I have managed to achieve this through a plant-based lifestyle and am eager to share this knowledge.

In July of 2023 I completed Food Revolution Network’s Plant-Based Food Coaching Certification to further my knowledge and skills in passing on this vital information.


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